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Each of us has a programmed life sentence running from the day we are born, on average 73 years. Science is beginning to understand what governs human life span.   Scientists all over the world are seeking ways to stop our cells from ageing and make our bodies regrow, by continually replacing organs and tissues as they wear out, giving us perpetual youth.  But it seems our bodies are programmed to age.  Are we designed to die?  Ageing and death seem to be programmed into our genes.  Some scientists believe that it does not mean it will always be that way;  if geneticists can figure out what the programme is, then they think they may be able to re-programme and stop ageing from taking place.

At present, it seems humans have a fixed life span before our bodies wear out and fail.  This is because each cell has a programmed lifespan, after around 100 divisions, they die.  As these divisions add up the human body cells become exposed to slow break down and we develop the diseases of old age and die.  We carry a biological clock inside our cells.  We are born with a full charge in our cell batteries  as we live at each division our cells die and are replaced.  However, our cells battery charge diminishes with each replacement.  Our human life cells run down, when flat, life goes out of the cells and the battery or body dies.  We need to be able to plug into a mechanism in order to recharge and extend life.  Apparently, there is a recharging point that we may be able to plug into one day, the source of life which comes from God - "With you (Yhwh) is the source of life" Psalms 36:9, see John 5:26.

Scientist have learned that inside every cell in our body, at the end of our chromosomes, is a book end piece of DNA end called a telomere.  It stops the DNA from fraying and corrupting as it divides, but every time a cell divides, the telomere gets shorter.   Eventually, it shortens to a critical length and the next time the cell divides, the telomere can no longer protect the fraying DNA and the cells lose power and die.  Scientists know that progeriac children begin their lives with unnaturally short telomeres and that is why they age so quickly.  In fact, we all begin our lives with a shorter version of telomeres on our DNA than in the past.

One thing that seems to have the power to rebuild protecting telomeres, even after they have shortened, is an enzyme called telomerase.  When telomerase is present in sufficient strength within a cell, it can actually reconstruct the coding for the telomeres chain.  Unfortunately, most adult cells do not produce telomerase in sufficient strength.  The required strength is mainly found in the egg cells, the developing fetus and immortal cancer cells.   Laboratories across the world are competing to work out the complex chemical signals that control these stem cells.  It is the next Holy Grail of regenerative medicine. Dr William Haseltine of Human Genome Sciences said,  "I think we may be able to see the first immortal human some time in the late part of the century, say 2075 - 2100."

This may explain how longer human life spans were possible in the past.  Scientists believe that so long as the telomeres on our DNA can be maintained, possibly with the enzyme telomerase continually rebuilding them, we would be able to retain our cell battery power and extend life up to 1,000 years or possibly, perpetually.   According to the Bible, man was first created in a pristine condition, with perpetual life which required the DNA designer and maker's maintenance.  Were our human telomeres initially protected?  Was the enzyme telomerase active throughout the cells to enable this?  Thousands of years before man started to understand that the life cells, the DNA and telomeres were all contained in the Blood, the bible amazingly stated this key fact that life was in the blood at Lev 17:11 "For the life of the flesh is in the blood".

God warned the first pristine humans that if they rejected His critical maintenance, they would eventually wear out and die.
  In fact, He warned them they would live less than one thousand years, or less than a 'day' as reckoned from God's standpoint; (Gen 2:17) the Bible confirms that a 'day' to God is as 1,000 years (2 Pet 3:8)No human has ever lived longer than this predicted 1,000 year maximum.  Methuselah got nearest to it at 969 years and yet he still died 31 years before reaching the end of this 1,000 year 'day' period.  The first reduction in human life expectancy from potential perpetual life to a maximum of 1,000 years was as a result of Adam's independence rebellion, rejecting God's supervision and maintenance.  Lacking the support required to maintain perpetual life, for the first 1,500 years of human history, life expectancy was shy of 1,000 years.

If the enzyme telomerase was
reduced or was not available to the cells, then the 1,000 year telomere protective tail on the human DNA would slowly fray away as God had warned. 
The biological clock inside the cells limited then to some 800 cell divisions, would cap the maximum lifespan potential to 1,000 years.  A quick look at the longevity of the earth's first inhabitants' confirms this.  Adam lived 930 years, Seth 912 years, Enosh 905 years, Kenan 910 years, Mahalalel 895 years, Jarad 962 years, Methuselah 969 years and Lamach 777 years (Genesis chapter 5).   None ever exceeded 1,000 years.

The second descent of human lifespan followed a world catastrophic event, a time when almost all life on the planet was wiped out.  This world catastrophe came some 1,500 years after the start of man's history.   All earth's human and animal life was virtually wiped out by a world destruction, a deluge, when that world system came to its end, see Water canopy ends at flood.  Over the period of some 500 years following this deluge, human lifespan dropped to around a maximum of 150 years ( Genesis 47:28 Jacob lived 147 years ).   Another four hundred and fifty years later, by the time of Moses ( c1500 BC ),  the average life span was between 70 and 80 years (Psalm 90:10 ),  much the same as today with odd individuals living up to 130 years  (Numbers 33:39 Aaron was 123 years old when he died.  2 Chronicles 24:15  Jehoiada died at 130 ).

Over the last 20 years, of the approximate 100 million people who have died, according to my research the oldest verified person was a French woman, Jeanne Calment, who died at the age of 122 years.   This, according to science, is getting close to the longest possible human lifespan today, with our present shortened telomere chain.  The fact that most of us die well before our 130 year limit is caused by many factors - accumulated inherited genetic defects, disease, environment, chemical reactions, food, inefficient repair systems etc.  These all draw down our life expectancy to some degree, see  Climate control mechanism removed.

The reality seems to be that the maximum
length of the telomere protective tail on our human DNA appears not to have changed much over the last 3,000 years from circa 130 years.  Although this appears to be the norm, the fact is that a massively degenerated lifespan is what we have all inherited today.  Yet, the Bible informs us that the human race will be able to regain perpetual life expectancy. Once harmony with the designer of the human body has been achieved, we will be able to plug in.  Even if geneticists were able to crack rejuvenating the human telomeres on our DNA  to extend life up to a 1,000 years, in order to maintain this extended life, they would also have to counter all additional ageing causes. 
  • Protection from all fatal sickness; viruses and germs, contamination, disease and illnesses would need to be removed.
  • Precise food and drink intake of all the elements that a perfectly functioning human body requires, some of which may not be readily available.
  • The environment would need to be benign, perfectly balanced without pollution of the air, cosmic radiation, chemical and toxic poisons etc.
  • The entire human immune system and repair systems would need to be functioning fully and perfectly.
  • The list could go on and on possibly many not even known or understood at this present time.

This would seem an almost impossible task for science and probably a long way beyond reach, at least for some considerable time, if ever.  Yet,  all these requirements were initially provided by the designer of the human race in perfect balance, in a pristine environment.  But, unfortunately, all lost by a course of independence against the provider.  This will not always be the case. God has pledged to replace this
pristine environment in a new earthly system brought about by a specially constructed supervising administration. Then loyal humans will be able to enjoy an intended real non ending life in a perfect environment without suffering the effects of ageing.

To appreciate how this
pristine environment in a new earthly system will be set up and how it will affect you, see the information on this at:-   NEW KINGDOM OPPORTUNITIES FOR CHRISTIANS OF ALL DENOMINATIONS.