Matthew 12:32, Mark 3:29, 1 John 5:16

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Revised  2023
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This work is completely independent of any existing religions denomination, church, organisation or group, a voice from a wilderness. 


Millions of people have wrongly lived in fear of committing an unforgivable sin, thus incurring permanent death referred to at 1 John 5:16 "There is a sin that does incur (permanent) death". Religious organisations have misled them as to what the true scriptural understanding of  'unforgivable sin' is and who it applies to.

Jesus said "Truly I say to ​you,​ all things will be forgiven the sons of men, no matter what sins and blasphemies they blasphemously commit. But should any who have holy spirit blaspheme against it, has no forgiveness forever, but is guilty of everlasting sin. Mark 3:28-29 (W&H Greek to English).  Jesus announced in the year 31, some two years before this Holy Spirit was going to be made available at Pentecost in 33, "When the helper arrives that I will send to ​you​ from the Father, the spirit of the truth, which proceeds from the Father, that one will bear witness about me"; John 15:26.  "For if I do not go away, the helper will by no means come to ​you; but if I do go my way, I will send him to ​you" John 16:7. “I say to you, every sort of sin and blasphemy will be forgiven men, but the blasphemy against the spirit will not be forgiven. For example, whoever speaks a word against the Son of man, it will be forgiven him; but whoever speaks against the holy spirit, it will not be forgiven him, no, not in this system of things nor in that to come" Mat 12:31-32. Persons could not oppose this "helper the spirit of truth" until they had received it after Jesus death and resurrection. It applied only to those who received this spirit of adoption as born again Sons of God and only from 33 AD  (example Judas Iscariot could not commit the unforgivable sin against the holy spirit as he dies before it started on Pentecost 33) .

Kingdom recruits, once having been clothed with this spirit power and elevated to the standard of sinless  'Sons of God', are held accountable for their actions. Should any of these Sons wilfully rebel and oppose God's directing spirit, they suffer the same punishment as God's 'Son', Adam, for his rebellion. They become guilty of the same wilful sin, leading to permanent death, from which there is no hope of any kind of future life restoration. Any 'Sons of God' who, having received this spirit of adoption, turn to opposing it, will have committed the 'unforgivable sin' that results in permanent death. Wilful rebellious acts of contempt against the force of the holy spirit become unforgivable.  They will have taken themselves outside the covering of the ransom sacrifice and there is no way they can, a second time, gain its benefits.

Born again Sons of God are the only ones who are in a position where this can happen. As Mark 3:29 confirms "
any who have holy spirit blaspheme against it, has no forgiveness forever, but is guilty of everlasting sin". It would be impossible for anyone who is not a 'Son of God' and had not received this spirit power, to commit the 'unforgivable sin' against the holy spirit. Hebrews 6:4-6 explains it this way "For it is impossible as regards those who have once for all been enlightened, and who have tasted the heavenly free gift, and who have become partakers of holy spirit, 5 and who have tasted the fine word of God and powers of the coming age, 6 but who have fallen away, to revive them again to repentance, because they impale the Son of God afresh for themselves and expose him to public shame".

Again, Paul counsels these adopted Sons who had been sanctified ( Greek "sanctified"  hagiasmos = set aside for God's intended use.). These "saints" (hagios), or sanctified ones are individuals set aside for God's special use, restricted in number to 144,000 Rev 14:1-5. The opposite of 'sanctified' is 'profane', treating with contempt, this spirit of adoption.  Paul states what contempt for the spirit power leads to at Hebrews 10:26-29.  "For if we adopted Sons practice sin wilfully after having received the accurate knowledge of the truth, there is no longer any sacrifice for sins left, but there is a certain fearful expectation of judgement and there is a fiery jealousy that is going to consume those in opposition. Of how much more severe a punishment, ... the man .. who has esteemed as of ordinary value the blood of the covenant by which he was sanctified, and who has outraged the spirit of undeserved kindness with contempt"?

We have an example in the Greek scriptures of the unforgivable sin being committed by spirit anointed persons and its resulting consequences at Acts 5:1-10. "Anan)ias  ...together with Sapphira his wife, sold a possession and secretly held back some of the price, his wife also knowing about it, and he brought just a part and deposited it at the feet of the apostles (he said this was the full amount and so lied). But Peter said: “Ananias, why has Satan emboldened you to play false to the holy spirit and to hold back secretly some of the price of the field? As long as it remained with you did it not remain yours, and after it was sold did it not continue in your control? Why was it that you purposed such a deed as this in your heart? You have played false, not to men, but to God” On hearing these words Ananias fell down and expired. .. after an interval...his wife came in,... Peter said to her: “Tell me, did ​you sell the field for so much?” She said: “Yes, for so much.”(she also lied) So Peter said to her: “Why was it agreed upon between  ​you to make a test of the spirit of  God? ... Instantly she fell down at his feet and expired".

The spirit 'clothing' device is one of the major practical benefits of Jesus, sacrificial ransom payment. It facilitated their release from their inherited and previous personal sin causing death. This 'spirit power helper' came after the ransom was paid in April 33. Following Jesus, presentation of the value of his ransoming sacrifice in the courts of God, he bought sin 'covering' devices powered by God's spirit for 144,000 Kingdom recruits.

During the first century, thousands of Sons were adopted, although not enough to fill the required number. This sin masking facility was suspended toward the end of the first century generation when the last born again Son died. Since then, there have been no others. The scriptures confirm that in order to complete the required number of 144,000, there will be a second period of recruitment during the time of Christ's second presence. For some 1,960 years, there have been no sanctified Sons of God on earth. So logically, there have been no persons who could commit the unforgivable sin. Persons living now cannot possibly be guilty of committing the unforgivable sin.  Billions of humans who have died over this period have ended up in the common grave of mankind, with the hope of a resurrection and restoration of their lives.  This situation will continue until a promised third Elijah work is scheduled to begin in 2029, (Mat 17:11). Which will carry out another recruiting preparation for Sons of God in order to fully complete the number required for the Kingdom administration. New information on God's Kingdom timetable and the start of this third Elijah work and Christ's second presence is now available.

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