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This work is completely independent of any existing religions denomination, church, organisation or group, a voice from a wilderness.

Since the days of Jesus, millions of Christians have pondered over bible references to future events and when these prophesied things would occur. Some of the first to ask these questions were Jesus' own followers "the disciples came to Him privately, saying, "Tell us, when will these things be? And what will be the sign of Your coming, and of the end of the age?" Mat 24:3 (NKJV).

Recently revealed information on God's timetable has made it possible to answer these questions more accurately.
It has been staring us in the face but until God opens the understanding of men's minds, it has not been understood. This situation was illustrated in Jesus' disciples at Luke 24:45 "He opened their minds to understand the scriptures"(NRSV). So, although information has been recorded in scripture for almost 2,000 years, it is not until God's appointed time, that He opens men's minds to grasp its meaning.

Interlocking timetables have been opened up, enabling accurate pin pointing as to when the all important "appointed times of the nations", and Jerusalem's trampling on by the earth's nations ends. "(Spiritual) Jerusalem (Heb12:22-24) shall be trodden down by the Gentiles till the times of the nations be fulfilled" Luke 21:24 (RHE).


Some 3,500 years ago, God recorded a time model illustrating a 50,000 year timetable which, until recently, has not been fully understood. This model was patterned on a scale of 1 to a 1,000.  It is the 50 year Jubilee cycle God dictated to the Israelite nation. It carefully modelled a scale pattern of a much greater Jubilee with similar conditions attached to it. Given by God to Israel after they left Egypt. It became the longest and most important of all Israelite festivals. God dictated very specific conditions and calculations to be incorporated within this unique 50 year cycle, creating a unique "shadow" of far  greater significance  "A FESTIVAL .. OR SABBATHS ARE A SHADOW (PATTERN) OF THINGS TO COME", 1Cor 2:16-17 (NKJV).
The last year of this 50 year cycle was the Jubilee Sabbath year, a year that came around once every 50 years. Most Israelites could expect to experience one Jubilee during their lifetime. This Jubilee Sabbath was a full year allocated to redressing all legal issues of civil and personal liberties. Once every 50 years, liberty and equality were to be restored to the entire nation, a time when justice was rebalanced and set straight. This special 50 year cycle ending in redressing all imbalances and injustices in the nation of Israel, was used by God to model a 50,000 year 'Great world Jubilee' for the benefit of the entire race of mankind to redress all its problems.


The name 'Jubilee' means sounding the ram's horn. A ram's horn was blown half way through the 50th year to proclaim the time for its liberty redressing process; it was to take place throughout the entire nation and affected everybody living in the country. Leviticus chapter 25 lays out the details of this 50 year Jubilee cycle passed by God to the nation through Moses, after they left Egypt.

"The land must observe a Sabbath (year) to God. Six years sow your field six years prune your vineyards..
(vs3) in the seventh year there should be a Sabbath (year) of complete rest for the land.. you must not sow your field or prune your vineyard (vs4). You must count off seven weeks of years, seven times seven years, so the period of the seven weeks of years will amount to forty nine years" (vs8). "You must cause the loud horn to sound on the 10th day of the 7th month (c28th September), the day of atonement, (vs9) and you must set aside the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout the land to all its inhabitants. It will be a Jubilee for you, and you must return each one to his possession and you should return each one to his family" (vs10).

"In the sixth year
(the 48th in the cycle) I will cause three years of crops in one (vs21) to carry you over until your ninth year crop" (vs22) (the 1st year of the next 50 year cycle). "In case your brother grows poor and has to sell some of his property, he or his relatives have the right to redeem it whenever possible (vs25); the redemption price shall be calculated according to the years remaining until the next Jubilee (vs27); if he cannot afford to recover it, it shall remain with the purchaser until the Jubilee year when the property must be released and returned (vs28). In case your brother grows poor and he has to sell his labour, they should not become slaves (vs39). He should be treated like a hired labourer. He should serve you till the next Jubilee year comes round (vs40). Then he must be freed and returned to his family and to their ancestral property" (vs41).

The calculation of each 50th Jubilee year was achieved by adding together, seven lots of seven year cycles. For six years, the Israelites carried out their normal annual farming rotation, planting and sowing in spring and gathering the harvests in the autumn. The seventh year of each cycle became a rest year for the land; there was to be no planting or sowing in the spring of the seventh year and therefore, no harvesting in that year. The land would enjoy a rest, a Sabbath.
These seven year cycles were added together until seven cycles of Sabbaths had accumulated. This would total a period of 49 years (7 x 7 = 49). Following the 49th Sabbath year of land rest, came this very special 50th year, the Jubilee Sabbath year.

This 50th Jubilee year was an entire year dedicated to the liberation of the people and restoration of property. All inhabitants throughout the land had a fresh start. All who had sold themselves into bonded service for a fee were released from their contracts. All hereditary land possessions leased off since the previous Jubilee were returned to their owners. There was to be no polarisation of wealth in this nation. All sold, contracted, rented or leased things were returned to their original owners. On the 50th year, all things were reinstated to their former condition. It was a unique God created system for resetting everything to its original situation. No other nation in human history has ever had anything remotely like it.

Chart 7:1
                                                  |Sabbath | 
| Year 1| Year 2| Year 3| Year 4| Year 5| Year 6| Year 7 |
|Harvest|Harvest|Harvest|Harvest|Harvest|Harvest| No |
| | | | | | |Harvest |
|  |
|<--------------------- 7 years ------------------------>|

    Chart 7:2
      * = A Sabbath year no harvest

| Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6 | Week 7 | * |
| |*| |*| |*| |*| |*| |*| |*| * |
| | | | | | | | |
| 7 year | 7 year | 7 year | 7 year | 7 year | 7 year | 7 year |1yr|
| cycle | cycle | cycle | cycle | cycle | cycle | Cycle | |
| | |
|<------------------ 49 years (7x7=49)------------------------>| |
| Seven lots of 7 years Sabbath cycles | |
| The Jewish one year Jubilee---->* |
| |
|<-------------------------- 50 years ----- ---------------------->|
| Seven lots of 7 year Sabbath cycles + 1 Jubilee year |


The most important of all the Sabbaths was the Jubilee Sabbath year. S
o important to God was this Sabbath year, He warned the nation of Israel that if they failed to keep these Sabbath years, they would be punished by a multiple of seven years for every Sabbath year they failed to implement. This punishment is laid out in the chapter following the instructions for the Jubilee cycle. “And if, in spite of all this, you still disobey me, I will punish you seven times over for your sins"  Leviticus 26:18 (NLT). Such a severe seven fold punishment metered out by God for failing to keep these important Sabbath years, came by the hand of Babylon "they burned the house of God. And they shattered the walls of Jerusalem and burned its citadels with fire and destroyed all the vessels of its treasuries. And he took {those who escaped the sword} to Babylon. And they became servants to him and to his sons until the rule of the kingdom of Persia, to fulfill the word of Yahweh by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land has enjoyed its Sabbaths. All the days of desolation it kept Sabbath, to fulfill seventy years" Chron 36:19-21 (LEB) (70 year punishment equated to a possible 10 Jubilee Sabbaths missed). Such was the importance placed of this Jubilee pattern!

Each 50th Jubilee year in the Israelite cycle was preceded by a 49th Sabbath year. The law did not permit them to sow seed to harvest in this 49th Sabbath year, nor in the following 50th Jubilee year. To compensate for this loss of two years' harvest and prevent any loss or starvation occurring as a result of keeping these laws, God guaranteed to step in with a miraculous provision. God promised: "I will order my blessing for you in the sixth year, ( 6th year of  7th cycle the 48th year ) so that it will yield a crop for three years" Leviticus 25:21,(NRSV). Every 50 years, a miraculous crop three times greater than usual was provided, confirming just how important this cycle was regarded by God in His plans.

  Chart 7:4

miraculous crop in 48th year 3 times larger than normal

  Years 1-48---->|<---48th year-->|<---49th year-->|<---50th year-->|
  | | | |

  48 years | |7th Sabbath year| Jubilee |

  6x7=42+6= 48y | 6x7=42+6= 48y | | Sabbath Year |
  | | | |
| 3 X LARGER | | |
|<--2 Back to Back Sabbath years->|

These references reflect the Jubilee concept of returning all things to their original pristine condition and had a far greater significance than just to the Israelite nation. The application broadens to a change of conditions for the entire earth. When the Jubilee cycle is scaled up, it reveals amazing new insights into God's perfect timetable.


The Great World Jubilee patterned on the model is a 1,000 times longer cycle. When the cycle is completed, it will redress old contracts, inheritance rights, release captives, establish legal entitlements and create a theocratic system throughout the entire earth. All those of mankind with entitlement to repossess their lost earthly inheritances, will do so. When is this Greater Jubilee Sabbath scheduled? Examining God's blue print in His scale model of the Israelite Jubilee cycle, after the 49th Sabbath year, this 50th Jubilee Sabbath year followed, completing the 50 year cycle. The 50 year model, when scaled up by 1,000, becomes a 50,000 year Great Jubilee cycle.

Once the Israelite 50 year Jubilee cycle is understood to be a detailed model which, when scaled up 1 to 1,000, reveals a Greater Jubilee restoration time plan, it becomes possible to plot the overall time schedule for the plan. Calculation starts at the commencement of the first creative day period and ends 50,000 years later. The final 1,000 years is the Great Jubilee period. It then  becomes possible to position further time pieces within this 50,000 year frame. Firstly, the important start time for the King of kings Sabbath 1,000 year reign commencing after 48,000 years into the Jubilee cycle. The second, the time of God's Great 1,000 year Jubilee starting after 49,000 years into the cycle.

   Chart 7:6


                     God's 1,000 year Great Jubilee --------------->|*|
                                                                    | |
                     The Kings 1,000 year Sabbath --------------->|*| |
                                                                  | | |
creative|creative|creative|creative|creative|creative| | |

   |  Day 1 | Day 2  | Day 3  | Day 4  | Day 5  | Day 6  | 7 Day  | | |
   | 7000y  | 7000y  | 7000y  | 7000y  | 7000y  | 7000y  | 6000y+

   |                                                              | | |
   |<---------------------- 48,000 years ------------------------>| | |
   |                                                                | |
   |<--------------- 49,000 years, one creative week ------------- >| |
   |                                                                  |
   |<-------50,000 years = Creative Week inc' 1,000 Jubilee period--->|
   |                                                                  |
   |<-------------------- The Great Jubilee cycle ------------------->|



As patterned in the small scale Jubilee cycle, the 49th year was also a full Sabbath year followed by a second Sabbath year, the 50th Jubilee year. Likewise, in the greater 50,000 year Jubilee cycle, the 49th 1,000 year Sabbath will also be followed by a second 1,000 year Great Jubilee Sabbath period, the 50th 1,000 year.

The key to unlocking the evidence of this 50,000 year timetable lies in calculating the length of the days of creation found in Genesis. It tells us the seventh creation day was a 'creative rest day'  "And on the seventh day God ended his work which he had made: and he rested on the seventh day from all his work which he had done," Genesis 2:2 (Douay-Rheims Bible). How long is this rest day referred to as a 'sabbath' or rest for God following His previous six working days of creation, completing a full creative seven day week. The Hebrew translation of  'day' is the word 'yohm' and can refer to an 'age' or 'period' of time. Illustrating this usage, after the completion of six creative days Genesis 2:4 says  "This is the history of the generations of the heavens and of the earth when they were created, in the day that Yhwh God made the earth and the heavens" (World English Bible). This "day" refers collectively to all the six previous creative days as 'one day', age or period. So how long is this seventh Sabbath day period?


Bible evidence confirms this seventh creative rest period was continuing some 4,000 years later.  The apostle Paul, in about the year 60 AD, some 4,000 years after the seventh rest period started, wrote in Hebrews 4:1-11. Therefore, since the promise of entering his rest still stands, let us be careful that none of you be found to have fallen short of it. (vs3) Now we who have believed enter that rest, just as God has said, “So I declared on oath in my anger, ‘They shall never enter my rest (the unbelieving rebellious Israelites of the exodus from Egypt).And yet his works have been finished since the creation of the world. (vs4)  For somewhere he has spoken about the seventh day in these words: “On the seventh day God rested from all his works.”

Referring to the unbelieving Israelites of the Exodus, God said of them (vs5) ..“They shall never enter my rest.” (vs6) Therefore since it still remains for some to enter that rest, and since those who formerly had the good news proclaimed to them did not go in because of their disobedience,... (vs8) For if Joshua had given them rest, God would not have spoken later about another day. (vs9) There remains, then, a Sabbath-rest for the people of God; (vs10) for anyone who enters God’s rest also rests from their works, just as God did from his. (vs11)  Let us, therefore, make every effort to enter that rest, so that no one will perish by following their example of disobedience" New International Version.


The apostle confirmed that in his day, the opportunity 'still remained' of entering into the period of God's ongoing Sabbath day of rest. So after some 4,000 years, this rest period was continuing. But what does it mean, 'entering' into God's day of rest? The apostle, in verse 11 said: "Let us therefore make every effort to enter that rest period, and not fail through such disbelief as theirs and not enter into it."
NWTDoes it mean that in order to 'enter' into this 'rest', they had to die during the period of God's rest? This cannot be the case, for both the faithful and the unfaithful have died and verse 5 says the disobedient ones "Shall not enter into my rest", yet they also died! We are told the obedient ones needed to make a special effort to enter it, you do not need to make any special effort to die! So it must mean something more than just dying.


The Bible hope that faithful servants of God look forward to after they die, is a future resurrection. It is not just the act of dying, but of being classified as an approved one, in order to receive a 'better' resurrection, before this on-going Sabbath rest period ends. By being resurrected they 'enter into God's rest'. Through faith, these ones have co-operated with God, proving themselves
loyal before they died. They become entitled to a better, earlier resurrection, the resurrection described as the resurrection of the just or righteous  "and I have a hope in God, which these men themselves also accept, that there is going to be a resurrection, both of the righteous and the unrighteous" Acts 24:15 (Holman Christian Standard Bible) "Others who were tortured, refusing to be released so that they might gain an even better resurrection" Hebrews 11:35 (NIV).  "To get to know him, and the power of his resurrection and fellowship of his sufferings, becoming conformed unto his death, If by any means I may advance to the earlier resurrection, which is from among the dead" Philippians 3:10-11 (REB).

ost bibles translate Philippians 3:11 
"that I may attain the resurrection from the dead".  The Greek word 'exanastasis'  here translated resurrection, is unique. It only occurs once at this place in the bible. The usual Greek word 'anastasis' "of-a-standing-up" is translated resurrection 39 times. The Greek word 'ex-anastasis' "to-a-standing-up-out" carries a time attachment. When taken in context with the rest of Philippians chapter 3 it seems a better rendering could be "that I may attain a first resurrection out of  those from the dead".)

Loyal ones who proved worthy, when they
'entered into God's rest period' with the hope of obtaining a better, earlier resurrection, which will occur within this same on-going 'rest' period. The seventh rest day of God will still be continuing when these justified ones are resurrected back to life. Resting in death sleep for a while, they are then resurrected back to active life within the still continuing Sabbath 'rest' period of God. They are then in a position to 'enter' actively into events during the later part of this 'rest day' period. Persons who were uncooperative and rebellious, such as that generation of the exodus under Moses, will be denied this opportunity, 'they shall not enter into the rest' opportunities. They forfeit the privilege of an early resurrection during the on going seventh day rest period. These ones have to wait for their resurrection after this rest period has concluded.

According to further extrapolated,
chronological evidence, the seventh creation rest day lasts for a period of 7,000 years (see the second and third interlocking time plans)According to Hebrews 4:1, rebellious ones do not enter into the rest. They forfeit the opportunity of a 'better' early resurrection within the 7,000 year span of this seventh day. So, when do the disobedient or unrighteous ones get their resurrection?  Revelation 20:5 says: "the rest of the dead lived not again until the thousand years were finished" (King James Bible). This resurrection of unjustified mankind is spoken of by John when he says: "Do not marvel at this, because the hour is coming in which all those dead in the grave will hear his voice, (vs29) and come out, those..who have done wrong to a resurrection of Judgement" John 5:28-29. There are two distinct time separated resurrections. The justified ones obtain their earlier resurrection within the 7,000 year long, day of God's rest. The rest of the dead are resurrected after the 'rest day' has finished.


With the Sabbath creative day of rest being 7,000 years long, it follows that the previous six creative days would also each be 7,000 years long. The entire 7 creative days, including the presently ongoing seventh creative Sabbath rest day, amount to seven cycles of seven thousand years, a total of 49,000 years. The full Genesis 'creative week' covers a total period of 49,000 years. Following this according to the model pattern, there will be a 1,000 year Jubilee period.

Chart 7:2

     * = A Sabbath year no harvest

| Week 1 | Week 2 | Week 3 | Week 4 | Week 5 | Week 6 | Week 7 |*|
| |*| |*| |*| |*| |*| |*| |*|*|
| | | | | | | | |
| 7years | 7years | 7years | 7years | 7years | 7years | 7years |1|yr
| | |
|<------------------------ 49 years -------------------------->| |
| Seven lots of 7 years Sabbath cycles | |
| The Jewish one year Jubilee--->*|
|<-------------------------- 50 years ----- -------------------->|
| Seven lots of 7 year Sabbath cycles + 1 Jubilee year |

Chart 7:3
SCALED UP 1 to 1,000

 * = 1,000 year period 8,000 year
C = Creative day (7,000 years) Timetable of God
|<- 8000y->|
* God's Great 1,000 year Jubilee------------->|*|
* Jesus as king 1,000 year Sabbath--------->|*| |
| | |
|C Day 1 |C Day 2 |C Day 3 |C Day 4 |C Day 5 |C Day 6 |C Day 7 | |
| 7000y | 7000y | 7000y | 7000y | 7000y | 7000y | 7000y | |
 | | | |
|<-----6 x 7,000 yr C days = 42,000 + 6,000 = 48,000 yrs---->| | |
|<-------------------- 49,000 years -------------------------->| |
| | |
| Seven lots of 7,000 year Creative 'day' periods | |
|<----------------- One creative week ------------------------>| |
| |
------------- The Great 50,000 year Jubilee cycle ------------->|
| The Creative Week plus the 1,000 year Jubilee period |

This 50,000 year timetable started when God commenced developing this earth at the beginning of the first 7,000 year creation day. It continued through six more creation days for a total of 42,000 years. God then enters His seventh creative rest day after 42,000 years of earths development. This rest then continues for a further 7,000 years, all seven days totalling 49,000 years. This will be followed by a 1,000 year Great Jubilee, completing the 50,000 year cycle.


The most important part of the time plan relates to the period we are now living in, the 7,000 year 'rest' period,  which will be followed by a 1,000 year Jubilee.

Chart 7:7

8,000 YEARS


|,------------------- 8,000 years ----------------------------->|
| |
|<---- 7th:
7,000 year, creative rest 'day' period ---->| |
| 49th | 50th |
|<------------------- 6.000 years ------------->|1,000y |1,000y |
| | | | | | |Sabbath|Jubilee|
| | | | | | |SACRED |Sabbath|

| | | | | | |SECRET | |

For further information on this 8,000 year period see  APPENDIX 31.