Radiocarbon dating may be seriously flawed? 

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Revised June 2022
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Neanderthal man has become an enigma to science, once hailed the proof of evolution of apes into modern man.  Considered to be the brutish ancestral link to man in the evolution chain, the intermediate stage between man and ape.  Neanderthals possessing many human attributes, are now recognised by scientists as a contemporary of modern man who for a time lived alongside humans.  But amazingly, with a brain the same size or larger than man's!  Were these the Nephilim referred to at Genesis 6:4?  "The Nephilim were on the earth in those days and afterwards.  During that time the sons of the true God continued to have relations with the daughters of men, and these bore sons to them".  To address this question, we need to examine information available on Neanderthals.

1. Archaeological history of Neanderthal finds:

In 1856, workers in the Neander Valley, near Düsseldorf Germany, uncovered a skull and bones.  The skull was unlike anything seen before, having a flattened cranium with a heavy brow ridge above large eye sockets.  Nearby, workers also uncovered an assortment of thick and heavily fossilized bones.  In succeeding years, many further specimens have been found, not only in the German Neander Valley, but in France, Italy, Iraq, Spain, Israel, Ukraine, Greece, Portugal, UK, Austria, and Croatia.

Controversy surrounded the interpretation of these fossils.  Initially, a German Anatomist, Rudolf Virchow examined the first discovery and concluded they were Homo Sapiens with rickets, caused by a deficiency of vitamin D.   He considered the flattened head was caused by repeated powerful blows.

When more finds came to light with what also appeared to be rickets, it was considered far too much of a coincidence and for lack of any other explanation they became relegated to a sub-human category.  Later, the French palaeontologist, Marcellin Boule, concluded that Neanderthals walked stooped forward, which fitted in with the then current thinking of Darwin's evolutionary theory of the origin of man.  For the next fifty years, this created a popular image of an ape man intermediary to man.  Science considered it had the conclusive evidence it badly needed to show the missing stage between ape and man.

Over one hundred years after first being found, Boule's skeleton was re-examined in 1957.  It was now determined that Neanderthals walked upright and the stooped posture suggested by Boule's skeleton was created by arthritis.  More evidence from various caves and digs has shown that Neanderthals wielded tools and weapons, wore ornaments, had cultural and religious rites, ceremoniously burying their dead.

2. The Neanderthal Brain Size:

The greatest enigma found with Neanderthal is their brain size, which is more than 13% larger than our own brain size.  The average Neanderthal brain measured 1,500 millilitres in volume, compared to less than 1,400 millilitres for the current worldwide average of humans.  This brain size allowed for large cerebral hemispheres.  Neanderthals were intelligent thinkers.  Yet they left very little permanent record of their presumed intelligence or culture.  Some say he could walk the streets today in a suit collar and tie and be unrecognised. Well, maybe in New York, but about as unrecognisable as a stocky body builder would be a fairer reflection.  Yet today, study books continue to be full of illustrations of Neanderthals as subhuman ape men.  Out of date TV documentaries go on wrongly depicting Neanderthals as the evolutionary ape man link.

3. The Physical Features of Neanderthal:

Neanderthals were physically very strong and unquestionably tough, a physically impressive race.  Males averaged about 1m 75 cm; females 1m 60 cm, Neanderthals were considerably stronger and tougher.  Their joints were larger; their bones thicker.  The fossils indicate they were substantially more muscled, including the children.  Neanderthal fossils lack the predominant chin of humans and a last set of molars.  They had well muscled chests, long bodies, with shorter legs.  Some fossil specimens (not all), have hip sockets more splayed than modern humans.  The size of the skull eye sockets would have carried very large eyeballs, presumably enhancing their vision.

Through examining the attachment points at which muscles bind to their bones, it has been illustrated that their calves and biceps were extremely well developed, as well as their pectoral chest and back muscles.  A Neanderthal, because of this greater muscle mass, would weigh some ten kilos more than a modern human of equivalent height.  They were regular Mr Universes, far stronger than humans.

4. Neanderthals possessed advanced skills:

Neanderthals used fire for heating, cooking and manufacturing.  They probably crafted leather and fur garments of various types.  Had a relatively advanced tool and weapon making culture, manufacturing a large variety of finely edged, sophisticated flint tools and weapons.  This industry is confirmed by the many tool types found, including spear points, stone lances and wooden spears with fire hardened points.  Neanderthals probably made these different types of implements, for both "military" and domestic use, providing evidence of their ability to plan, think and scheme.

5. Language:

Almost certainly, the Neanderthal race possessed advanced language.  Fossil remains indicate Neanderthal voice boxes containing the vocal cords were capable of making the same sounds as modern humans.  As they lived alongside humans, it is reasonable to conclude they spoke the same language.

6. Command and appreciation of music:

In a cave in Slovenia Croatia, archaeologists consider they have unearthed the world's oldest true musical instrument, a flute which appears to have been made by Neanderthals.  Broken at both ends, the 12 cm long instrument is made out of the leg bone of a young bear and still retains its four finger holes.  Apart from being considered the oldest musical instrument in the world, this flute's greatest significance lies in its association with Neanderthals' ability to produce music and make musical instruments.  The Neanderthal race could have composed music, sung to it and danced to it, no different from humans today.  The ability to create music on a multiple note instrument reveals evidence of imagination, abstract thought and appreciation for musicality.  It would therefore be reasonable to conclude that these same qualities could also have been put to use in other skills such as reading and writing.


7. Neanderthal Culture:

There is evidence indicating Neanderthals possessed a sense of community spirit by performing ritual burials and caring for the old and sick.  Remains of several physically impaired individuals have been uncovered.  Some recovered skeletons display old, healed injuries, suggesting their wounds or injuries were treated and cared for.  In a cave in Iraq, archaeologists uncovered skeletons of a man, two women and an infant, buried together in soil containing flower pollen.  The flowers, being set there by survivors, strongly suggests Neanderthals thought and cared for their dead.

Analysis of the sediment pollen concentrated in batches, implied that possible bunches of flowers had been placed on the grave.  Closer examination of the pollen enabled scientists to identify many flowers that were present, all of which had some therapeutic properties.  Were they part of an aromatic preparation, a kind of pot-pourri for the dead, or used in perfumed ointment preparations?  If so, an appreciation of the cosmetic appearance of flowers and perfumed fragrances existed, much the same as today with our embalming of the body with fragrances and the use of flowers at funerals.  The flowers also testify to a warm climate by the abundant floral varieties availability at the time.

8. Neanderthal Burial tombs:

It is possible Neanderthals chose certain caves to use as burial 'tombs' and sealed them.  It would account for the fact that so many of the remains of Neanderthals have been found buried in certain caves.  This practice is similar to human cultures which, in certain parts of the world, use memorial tombs often carved into natural caves, rolling stones in front of the entrance to seal shut the cave tomb.  Evidence of Neanderthal skeletons buried in the ground of these excavated caves, suggests concern over the concepts of life and death, value being placed on the dead person, and funerals were part of the social and psychological practices for dealing with death.

9. Neanderthals exercised abstract thinking concepts: 

Neanderthals show signs of being a social race in which the old and the injured were taken care of, instead of simply left to die as with apes.  Individuals of well advanced years have been found testifying to the concept of principled care in old age.  Religion is a characteristic of the human species.  In order to have religion, one must be capable of abstract thought and reasoning.  Without such abilities, the concepts of life and death or a God could not be imagined.  It appears the Neanderthal race possessed some of these attributes.

Unlike humans however, evidence is presented by scientists that the male/female role interplay as practised by humans in family activity, was not so much carried out by Neanderthals.  There is no evidence of couples or family oriented activities among Neanderthals, such as taking meals together.  This stands out in contrast to their closeness in so many other ways to humans.

10. Cruel Warriors:

There is evidence that Neanderthals were fighters suffering and inflicting battle wounds, mutilations, torture and maiming, they may also have practised cannibalism.  In France, archaeologists uncovered two fragments of leg bones and three arm bones.   Some scientists believe that these bones show signs of being fractured while still fresh.  Another Neanderthal site containing human bone fragments, shows signs of cuts and burns.  The presence of burns on the bones is significant since no animal, other than humans, make deliberate use of fire in food preparation.  These burnt and intentionally broken human bones have been interpreted as being evidence of a type of cannibalism, Neanderthals eating humans.  They could equally be evidence of torture and or mutilation by dismemberment.

11. Neanderthals lived along side Humans:

Researchers working in caves in Israel, have unearthed skeletons of both Neanderthals and modern humans.  The Neanderthal remains being younger than the accompanying "modern" humans skeletons buried deeper.

If the relationship of the dates are correct, modern type humans were around for a long time 'before' the Neanderthals appeared.  After they did arrive on the scene, "modern humans" appear to have coexisted with Neanderthals for some time, until they the Neanderthals went extinct.  It appears Neanderthals and modern humans were contemporary, inhabiting the same geographic areas and living areas.  There is some scientific debate as to whether Neanderthals interbred with humans.


There is evidence that both 'types' exchanged ideas, at least in how to make tools.  As a result, the idea that Homo Neanderthal directly evolved into Homo sapiens now seems wildly improbable and rejected.  According to present scientific thinking, the fossil record of Neanderthals abruptly ends about 30,000 to 35,000 years ago.  After this time, only Homo sapiens dominate the scene. Researchers admit "Why Neanderthals suddenly went extinct is a topic of much question we may never know the true reason."

Radiocarbon analysis puts the later Neanderthal sites as being c 32,500 years old.  Some 30,000 years ago, Neanderthals disappeared completely; they simply vanished for no apparent reason.  Today, Neanderthal is classified as totally human - Homo sapien (humankind).  What happened to them? Some scientists theorise that humans killed off the Neanderthal race.  So, did a physically and mentally inferior race of humans exterminate a physically and mentally superior race, Neanderthals??  Logic dictates that if one race extinguished the other, the Neanderthal race, with their superior strength and mental abilities, should have exterminated the inferior human race!  This, of course, is the ultimate question, one that continues to divide and baffle experts.  Alternative explanations can now be examined, incorporating the above criteria.


Scientists, as we have seen, date the end of the Neanderthals at c32,500 years ago.  How do they arrive at this date?  What scientific processes do they use to come to this conclusion?  Surprising as it may seem, it is all based on 'relative' methods and estimations.  Ridiculous!  Lets look at the facts.  When we do, we are faced with an unusual situation that exists no where else in the sciences.

'Science' has created a theoretic "geological column chart" on which the theory of evolution is hung.  The most recent chart, now used in most museums and universities, is that drawn up by Van Eysinga in 1975.  This chart covers some 600 million years, dividing time into periods, i.e Cretaceous 65 to 140 million years ago; Jurassic 140 to 195 million years ago etc, etc.  This chart cannot be found in nature, it is theoretical, pieced together from various inter-related strata from all over the world.  These vast time periods have been allocated in the chart to allow for the slow burying of fossils in sedimentary rock layers.  They cannot be proved or illustrated in any deposits being formed today, it is all based on estimated guess work.

When a geologist has difficulty dating a rock stratum, he requests the evolutionist's opinion on the date of the fossils that the rock contains.  This then becomes its 'established' age date.  On the other hand, when an evolutionist has difficulty dating a fossil, he requests the geologist's opinion on the age of the rock containing the fossil, which then becomes its 'accepted' age date.  A case of two theories being cross referenced in order to establish a so called fact??


Technically, the carbon dating process is very accurate, making precise calculations according to a set formula.  The clock itself works very well; like a stop watch.  The problems come with the set up data fed into it, unless the calibrations are realistic and accurate, the clock is no good.  For example, if an extremely accurate clock is set to the wrong time to start with, no matter how accurate it is, the time it shows will always be wrong.  Or, if a clock has its mechanism set to a 25 hour day calibration with accuracy down to one thousandth of a second, the time it shows will always be useless to its owner and the error accumulates day by day.

So, how has the important Carbon dating clock been set for dating Neanderthal man?  Cosmic ray protons blast nuclei into the upper atmosphere, producing neutrons which in turn bombard nitrogen, the major constituent of the atmosphere.  This neutron bombardment produces the radioactive isotope carbon-14.  Radioactive carbon-14 combines with oxygen to form radioactive carbon dioxide and is incorporated into the general life cycle of all living things.  In minute quantities through photosynthesis, C14 from carbon dioxide in the atmosphere passes into plants and thereby animals and then absorbed into all living things along the food chain.

When an organism dies, it contains a ratio of C14 to C12, the C14 decays with no possibility of replenishment, so the ratio decreases at a regular rate.  The measurement of C14 decay provides an indication of the age of any carbon-based material (a raw radiocarbon age).  One of the most frequent uses of radiocarbon dating is to estimate the age of organic remains from archaeological sites.  Carbon dating can only be used on matter which was once living, taking in carbon dioxide from the air for photosynthesis.  Rocks, stones, pottery, flint tools cannot be dated by this process.  The ratio of C12 to its minute cousin, C14 is constant in all living things (today, one C14 atom to one billion C12 atoms).

Scientists claim they have accurately calculated the age of Neanderthal bones using this Radio Carbon C14 method.  They assume C14 has been forming in the atmosphere constantly and continually for millions of years and its build up has reached its constant saturation point (the radiocarbon reservoir), which they calculate, took 30,000 years to achieve.  So, it is concluded that as much C14 is now decaying as being formed.  C14 absorbed into any living thing during its life time, starts to decay once it dies.  After death, half the amount of C14 decays away to nitrogen gas in about 5,700 years.  Half of this remaining half then decays away in a further 5,700 years and so on, until immeasurably small.  Once a plant or animal dies, it stops taking in C14 and decay starts at the above rate while C12 remains the same.

This dating test relies entirely on knowing exactly what the original ratio mix of C14 to C12 was.  The clock is only accurate if the ratio is the same today as when the organism lived and has remained constant throughout its life and after its death, right up to the time of dating.  If there had been less C14 in the atmosphere during its lifetime, then it would have absorbed less and the ratio would read much lower, with a resulting lower count per second, giving it a much older false reading.

Evolutionists believe that there has been no change in the ratio of C14 to C12 for millions of years.  William Libby and his co-workers, while developing the radiocarbon dating method in the 1940s, believed that the amount of C14 in the world could not possibly have varied during the time that mankind had been on the Earth simply because it is considered the Earth is of an immense age, some 4,600 million years old, so they believed.  Because of this great age, it has been assumed the 30,000 year transition period required for the atmosphere to have built up to its ‘equilibrium value’, has already occurred and that the terrestrial radiocarbon reservoir has reached a steady state.


To test this assumption in Libby’s theory, he made measurements of both the rate of formation and the rate of decay of radiocarbon.  Libby found, to his surprise, a considerable discrepancy in his measurements; that apparently, radiocarbon was being created in the atmosphere somewhere around 25% faster than it was becoming extinct.  Since this result to him was inexplicable, he put it down to experimental error.

During the 1960s, chemists repeated Libby’s experiments with refined techniques.  They revealed that the discrepancy of Libby’s was not experimental error, but did in fact exist.  Richard Longenfelter found that 'There is strong indication, despite the large errors that the present natural production rate exceeds the natural decay rate by as much as 25%'.  Other researchers have since confirmed this finding, including Hans Suess of the University of Southern California in the Journal of Geophysical Research and V R Switzer, writing in Science.  Professor Melvin Cook, Professor of Metallurgy at Utah University, reviewed the data of Suess and Lingenfelter and reached the conclusion that the present rate of formation of carbon 14 is 18.4 atoms per gram per minute and the rate of decay 13.3 atoms per gram per minute, a ratio indicating that formation exceeds decay by some 38 per cent.

Many other researchers have shown that C14 in the atmosphere is still increasing at between 25% to 38% more than is at present decaying.  This indicates that the atmosphere, because it has not yet reached saturation with C14, (saturation point is reached when the amount decaying is the same as that being formed) is either still building up and is therefore much younger than originally considered, or at some stage, the atmosphere was inhibited from the present rate of cosmic particle bombardment, which creates C14 in the atmosphere.  If this last possibility is the case, it would mean the build up time of C14 would require much longer than the estimated 30,000 years to reach saturation equilibrium.

Since then, more refined tuning has been done on C14 variations,  which point to possible past fluctuations in the rate of C14.  At times, the production rate may have exceeded the decay rate, while at other times, the decay rate may have been the larger.  This variation in Cosmic ray protons producing radioactive isotope carbon-14, only makes the dating clock even more erratic, as it calculates all past dates based on the static assumption of equilibrium.

Cook went one step further, taking the latest measured figures on radiocarbon formation and decay.  He calculated them back to the point at which there would have been zero radiocarbon.  In so doing, he was in effect, using the radiocarbon technique to date the Earth's atmosphere.  His resulting calculations showed that the composition of C14 in the present atmosphere is only around 10,000 years old! Some 30% of saturation equilibrium reached.  This would mean that the amount of C14 in the atmosphere thousands of years ago was drastically less and thereby reduce the amount absorbed by living organisms during their life times.  When making present day readings of C14 using the wrongly calibrated saturation assumption (30,000 years plus), the C14 clock creates an erroneous much older date.  If only 10,000 years of C14 build up has occurred to date (30% of atmosphere saturation), the clock needs to be reset to give correct age readings.


The biblically recorded Nephilim race existed for some hundreds of years up to 4,400 years ago.  By 2,400 BC there may have existed millions of  Nephilim/Neanderthal. If we were to assume for the moment, that Neanderthal bones are one and the same as Nephilim bones with an age of some 5,000 years, it would fit the adjusted calculation for a short 10,000 year C14 build up at present rate of saturation.  But it is ridiculous to think that the atmosphere of the Earth is only 10,000 years old, as this evidence suggests.  Agreed, but there is strong evidence that although the atmosphere is much older than 10,000 years, the absorption of C14 at its present rate into our atmosphere has in the past been much lower.  This would have caused a slower and therefore, longer time build up than assumed.  The C14 penetration and absorption into our atmosphere was probably inhibited by a protective layer, shielding the Earth's atmosphere from cosmic ray bombardment, restricting C14 absorption.  When this shield came to an end, the Earth's climate would have changed radically, and C14 build up would start at today's present rate.

Using Cook's calculations, indicating atmosphere C14 build up at its present rate of absorption has only been occurring over the previous 10,000 years until present.   Assuming the present rate of absorption has been going on for the past 5,000 years, back to the time of an atmosphere protecting shield, then the previous 5,000 years, under this protecting screening layer, must have been building up very slowly.  The shield was first positioned some 40,000 years ago (Genesis 1:6-8)With this shield protection in place, there would have been a much slower 35,000 year build up of C14.  Today without this shield the same amount of C14 absorption would only take 5,000 years to build up. Under an atmosphere screen the build up of C14 would have taken seven times longer than today.

A Neanderthal living and dying 4,400 years ago, would only have absorbed one seventh of the C14 that is presently assumed.  Applying this seven times slower build up rate of C14 radio carbon dates, to the present age reading for Neanderthal of 30,000 - 35,000 years, would correct it to a 4,300 - 5,000 year old reading, in line with the Nephilim pre flood period.  For more information WATER CANOPY BREAKS UP AT FLOOD.


Evidence uncovered about Neanderthals could equally be applied to the Bible Nephilim race?

1.   Brains as large, if not larger than humans.
2.   Well muscled and developed physiques.
3.   Distinctive characteristics from humans, a separate race.
4.   Evidence that humans lived before the Neanderthals arrived.
5.   Humans & Neanderthals existed for a period sharing living space.
6.   Skilled in tool and weapon making.
7.   Were a battle scarred warrior race.
8.   Skilled in language and literacy.
9.   Were cultured in music and musical instrument making.
10.  Had a general culture of their own similar to humans.
11. They practised burial of the dead and religious rituals.
12. Possibly possessed skills in apothecary and aromatherapy.
13. Lived in warm temperate climates.
14. Had hybrid characteristics.
15. Adjusted dating could place them coexisting with humans 4,400 years ago.
16. Neanderthals were exterminated suddenly while humans continued.


The ancient Hebrew manuscripts refer to a time some 4,500 years ago, before the Egyptian civilisation, when intelligent spirit creatures were aware the human race was multiplying on this planet.  They turned their attention to earth, with the intention of controlling it. 
For selfish reasons, these spirit creatures took the opportunity to move in on the human race, with the objective of bringing it under control and domination. Possessing a high level of knowledge as belonged to beings millions of years older than the fairly new human race, they understood how the DNA functioned in the human format.  They were capable of engineering their own transformation, assimilating physical human flesh bodies, fashioned on the human DNA structure and cellular make up.  Possibly enhancing in the process certain physical characteristics in power and size, making themselves powerful impressive specimens (see foot note 2 for manuscript references).

There is no information in the record as to how many undertook this metamorphic change but possibly, some thousands could have participated, taking pleasure in the power and control they could exercise over the natural human population.  They cohabited with human women, selecting the best for themselves with little resistance due to their impressive power and physic.  Once the women had been inseminated with their engineered semen and became pregnant, they gave birth to the children of a hybrid half caste race with their own modified DNA code known as Nephilim.


How the numbers of this new race increased, is hard to say but the records inform us that the race existed for at least 120 years (see foot note 2 vs 3).
We do not have in the record any details of the number of Spirit creatures that were involved.  If we theoretically assume a number of 500 materialised spirit rebels, and each one over a period of some two hundred years of enslaving and raping human women, the Nephilim offspring numbers could have rapidly increased to millions.  By way of illustration, if each impregnated one woman per week = 50 a year x over 200 years = 10,000 x 500 spirit creatures = 5 million Nephilim, mutant offspring, should they all have lived. Once a first generation group of  male Nephilim had been raised, these would also have forcefully bred with human women giving birth to male and female Nephilim who would have then been able to racially in bred increasing the population to millions more.
It seems the original fathers of this Nephilim race intended to exercise control over the human population, and change its entire make up.  In order to do this, they required time to breed up the numbers of Nephilim as quickly as possible, to form a race large enough to control the human population.  During this time, it is reasonable to conclude humans were defending themselves and their women, continually skirmishing against this physically stronger race.  The bible record says this period of history became filled with violence and bloodshed.  The entire human race was forcefully afflicted by this growing Nephilim race, creating a world environment of terror and killing  See Research Paper 14 for further information on this global situation.

The increase in the population of humans during the 1,660 years up to the Flood has been mathematically estimated.  Men then lived to great ages and evidently had large families.  Using extremely conservative assumptions of an average family of 10 children, an average generation separation of 100 years and an average life-span of 500 years, the world population at the time of the Flood would have been 235 million people. This probably represents a gross underestimate of the numbers who actually perished in the Flood, which could easily have been ten times greater.

Neanderthal one and the same as the Nephilim?

It is extremely probable that this genetically engineered race, referred to as the Nephilim, were in fact one and the same as the Neanderthal race.  The characteristics of Nephilim fit the descriptions of the Neanderthal "a physically very strong, tough impressive race with larger joints, thicker bones, well muscled chests, long bodies, and shorter legs weighing approximately twenty pounds more than a modern humans of equivalent height, regular Mr Universes."  It also explains why their brain size and cerebral hemispheres were as large, if not larger than humans.  If calibration corrections for the C14 dating clock are correctly adjusted, it renders a lower build up level of C14 and brings both Nephilim and Neanderthals into the same time frame some 4,400 years ago.

Cause of extermination of Neanderthal/Nephilim race:

Science makes guesses as to what caused the extinction of the Neanderthal race but the records tell us exactly what caused the extinction of the Nephilim race and most of the human race, a massive world flood.  The Bible manuscripts shed further light on how this flood occurred, where all the water came from, and how it would have dramatically changed the C14 build up in the atmosphere,

An atmospheric protection layer.

The scriptures refer back to a time when a water shield was suspended above the earth's atmosphere, probably in ice crystal form, held in suspended orbit, as are satellites today.  Saturn, today, has suspended around it atmospheric rings, although very different in composition to that which would have circled the earth.  This protection layer
around the earth would have been much wider than Saturn's rings, roofing over the entire earth's atmosphere, thicker over the equator, tapering towards the poles, forming an atmospheric global climate controlling mechanism (see foot note 3 at end of paper).

Provided this canopy mechanism was suspended higher than 15 km, it would protect the earth's atmosphere from forming C14 carbon dioxide "much of the carbon-14 production takes place at altitudes of 9 to 15 km (30,000 to 50,000 ft), and at high geomagnetic latitudes, where C-14 then reacts relatively rapidly with oxygen to form carbon dioxide (CO2)" (Wikipedia).  This protection would completely invalidate present radiocarbon dates, making them all many times younger, due to the very low C14 build up in the earlier atmosphere.

This shield mechanism would have had the effect of dissipating and spreading thermal heat rays from the sun more evenly over the surface of the planet.  Protecting equator regions from intense overheating of the sun as experienced today and dispersing this heat out toward the polar regions, making for a more even temperate climate throughout the entire earth's surface.  It would explain the evidence found of past temperate vegetation and warm climate animals living close to the polar regions, and why these warm climate animals living in these arctic areas were suddenly destroyed and preserved in ice.  Desert areas of the earth today show evidence that during earlier chapters of man's history, it had abundant water supplies and lush vegetation throughout the year, the very same temperate climate that the Neanderthals/Nephilim lived in.

It may well also explain the dilemma some archaeologists have when finding evidence that the Great Sphinx of Egypt was exposed to rainfall weathering over a long period.  For the last 4,000 years, there has been very little, if any, rainfall in Egypt.  Was the earth's climate changed radically by the removal of this suspended canopy?  Were the three Giza pyramids and Sphinx built pre flood? (see foot note 2 vs 7-17 at end of paper) 

This protective outer layer surrounding the earth's atmosphere dissipated warmth around the earth, similar to the effect of a green house roof.  Just as the panes of glass block the sun's harmful radiation rays from entering the green house.  You will never get a sun tan, sitting inside a glass green house on a sunny day.  So, the water vapour/ice crystal
screening layer above the atmosphere would have protected the earth from harmful cosmic ray bombardment, blocking most of the C14.  Today, without the canopy, we are unprotected from the constant bombardment of these rays and subject to the effects of its premature ageing effect.  Scientists have recently been linking the bombardment of these radiation rays to cell and DNA breakdown as part of the human ageing process.  Life span of humans reduced dramatically following the removal of the screening canopy.

What caused the end of this protection layer?

According to the Greek scriptures, it was this orbital canopy that provided the means to remove this engineered Nephilim/Neanderthal race (see foot note 3 Greek Codex Sanaticus at end of paper).  At a predetermined date, the suspended canopy was broken up, according to chronological calculations, some 4,400 years ago.  An immense fall of waters occurred when this suspended ice canopy broke up.  Possibly, centrifugal and gravitational forces holding the canopy in position were adjusted the same way satellites can be programmed to fall to earth by adjustments in orbit.

Scientists acknowledge that the earth's magnetic force fields have at certain times reversed themselves.  Surveys have revealed that the earth's magnetic field has reversed on more than one occasion.  Did a reversing of the magnetic field provide the trigger mechanism, altering the orbit speed, pulling down of the ice layer ?

Much of the billions upon billions of tons of suspended ice crystals would have been drawn down toward the poles by gravitational and centrifugal forces, melting to sleet and water as it fell, freezing back to ice under high velocity winds as it came down at the polar regions.  Its removal would cause major dramatic changes to the earth's former temperate, benign climate.

A quick massive build up of water and ice falling at the polar regions would have forced it under great pressures into glaciers, spreading rapidly out from the North and South poles over the surfaces of the globe toward the equators, gouging great valleys under rapid movement of mountains of ice.  Glaciers bulldozed along under tremendous back pressure, everything in their paths destroyed.  With a continual falling of this water and ice for 40 days (see foot note 4) at both poles, more and more ice piled up, creating an enormous pressure build up until its sheer weight cracked the earth's outer crust, buckling and gouging out the earth's volcanic fault lines we now have.  These great fault lines in the crust crushed against one another, forcing up mountain ranges while the weight of massive ice glaciers, along with billions of tons of additional water, forced down crust depressions, causing water to settle into the new great ocean basins that we have today  FOR MORE INFORMATION ON WATER CANOPY.

Evidence fits the theory:

How does available evidence fit with this?  Did the flood mechanism provide the criteria that resulted in the cracking up of the earth's crust?  It certainly could have provided the power in creating the tremendous forces needed to tear apart and crack up the earth's crust.  It could easily have provided the massive rapid energy needed to drive these cracks apart in some places, overriding neighbouring plates.  Compressing and forcing plate edges against one another with such force to drive them up, forming the world's great mountain ranges that have recently come into existence.

The hypothesis that the crust of the earth could have been cracked along the continental plates by a massive thickening of the earth's polar ice caps, was put forward by Hapgood and Campbell in 1958, in their publication "Earth's Shifting Crust".  Professor Melvin Cook took this theory and modelled it.  He started with a situation where the earth's mantel was more or less fairly uniformly covered with crust from pole to pole.  By creating a build up of pressure at the poles, he finally cracked the crust, the fracture lines determined by the pressures being exerted on the opposing polar forces.  These pressures on the earth's crust can be likened to the effect on the shell of a hard boiled egg being squeezed in a vice from both ends.  When the earth's crust fractured, it would have snapped rapidly and violently, and like the pieces of the egg shell, quickly separated in places, but in others, forced up against one another.

Professor Cook believes the ancient great Arctic ice cap, a mass of some 100 million tons, disappeared suddenly about 10,000 years ago.  To explain this, he says it would be necessary for the ice to have dissipated catastrophically.  He concludes that the evidence proves the earth's crust was rapidly forced up into the great mountain ranges at about the same time masses of ice and snow were released, forming the present oceans.  This pole to pole directional cracking and forcing up great mountain ranges can be born out by studying a globe and the direction of the earth's mountain ranges and fault lines.

There is much evidence that supports an older earth with much less water on its surface and far more dry land:

1. Vast amounts of terrestrial animal remains have been found thousands of meters deep in the oceans, evidence that the land was once above sea level.

2. Marine animal remains, including whale skeletons, bear evidence of sudden extinction found hundreds of meters above sea level, evidence of some phenomena causing the land to suddenly and dramatically raise up.

3. Thousands of flat top islands, some over 1,000 meters high, have been charted at the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, encrusted with coral, revealing they at one time must have been at or near the surface.

4. The island of Great Britain was once linked to Europe by a connecting plateau now about 120 meters below sea level, once dry land with remains of forests, animal, human and Neanderthal bones, all found on this sunken plateau, evidence of a previously much lower sea level with a more temperate climate.

5. The oceans and seas at present, cover some 70% of the earth's surface.  It has been calculated that if 20% of the earth's water was evaporated off, some 50% more dry land would appear, land that was at one time originally above the water.  A suspended protective canopy could comfortably have taken up more than 20% of the waters .


       Criteria associated with Neanderthals can equally be applied to Nephilim.

1a. Neanderthals had brains as large, if not larger than humans.
1b. Nephilim were bred from intelligent races; a large brain size would be in keeping.

2a. Neanderthals were well muscled with highly developed physiques.
2b. Nephilim would have inherited hybrid strength and vigour characteristics.

3a. Neanderthals had distinctive characteristics (flattened cranium, heavy ridge above large eye sockets)
3b. Nephilim were half caste, retaining distinctive characteristics acquired from both races.

4a. Neanderthals appeared after humans had been around for a long time.
4b. Nephilim started to appear some 1,400 years after humans had been populating the earth.

5a. Neanderthals and Humans coexisted, sharing living space for a period of time.
5b. Nephilim inhabited the earth among humans for at least some 120 years.

6a. Neanderthals were skilled in tool and weapon making.
6b. Nephilim learnt physical skills and human culture from human mothers.

7a. Neanderthal were a battle scarred warrior race.
7b. Nephilim were aggressive, filling the earth with violence & blood shed.

8a. Neanderthals were skilled in language, spoken and written.
8b. Nephilim communicated with spoken and written word, initially brought up by
      human mothers, probably only one language existed at this time.

9a. Neanderthals were cultured in music and musical instrument making.
9b. Nephilim, as intelligent hybrids, would have no problem mastering such skills.

10a. Neanderthals had general culture, similar to but not the same as humans.
10b. Nephilim acquired human culture from mothers and engineered characteristics from fathers.

11a. Neanderthal practised burial of the dead and religious rituals.
11b. Nephilim had an intelligent awareness for theoretic concepts, with additional knowledge
         possibly passed on by their fathers.

12a. Neanderthal possibly possessed medical skills, practising apothecary and aromatherapy.
12b. Nephilim were intelligent, developed advanced skills as warrior race and medical skills.

13a. Neanderthals lived in warm temperate climates.
13b. Nephilim lived in warm temperate climate pre deluge.

14a. Neanderthal coexisted with humans 4,400 years ago according to corrected C14 dating.
14b. Nephilim according to bible chronology, lived at same time period.

15a. Neanderthals were exterminated suddenly while humans continued.
15b. Nephilim were exterminated suddenly by a cataclysmic world deluge.


The contradicting and mysterious circumstances surrounding the Neanderthals can be explained by the Bible records, which refer to an ancient hybrid race, the Nephilim.  These manuscripts are among some of the oldest in the world.  The Neanderthal remains are Nephilim.




Foot note 2:

References Masoretic text as per the Codex Leningrad B 19A manuscript
as presented in Kittels Biblia Hebraica.

Ref Gen 6 vs 1 "men started to increase in numbers on the surface of the ground and daughters were born to them".

Ref vs 2 "then the sons (translated "Angels" codex Alexandrinus Gr 5th cent C. E British museum) of the (true) God began to notice the daughters of men, that they were good
               looking: and they went taking wives for themselves, namely, all whom they chose".

Ref vs 3 "After that Yhwh said: "My spirit shall not act toward man indefinitely in that he is also flesh. Accordingly his days shall amount to a hundred and twenty years."

Ref vs 4 "The Nephilim (ancient Hebrew, han. Hephilim, Fellers or Those who chopped down others) proved to be in the earth in those days, and also after that, when the sons of the
               (true) God continued to have relations with the daughters of men and they bore sons to them, they were the mighty ones who were of old, the men of fame".

Ref vs 5 "Yhwh saw the badness of man was abundant in the earth and every inclination of the thoughts of his heart was only bad all the time ( all the "day" ).

Ref vs 6 " Yhwh felt regrets that he had made man in the earth, and he felt hurt at his heart".

Ref vs 7 "Stating: "I am going to wipe men whom I have created off the surface of the ground, from man to domestic animal, moving animals and flying creatures of the
               heavens, because I regret that I have made them."

Ref vs 11 "And the earth came to be ruined in the sight of the (true) God and the earth became filled with violence".

Ref vs 12 "So God saw the earth and look! It was ruined, because all flesh had ruined its way on the earth".

Ref vs 13 "After that God said to Noah: "The end of all flesh has come before me, because the earth is full of violence as a result of them; and here I am bringing them to
                  ruin together with the earth".

Ref vs 17 "As for me, here I am bringing the deluge ( heb,. ham.mabbul " the heavenly ocean" ) of waters upon the earth to bring to ruin all flesh in which the force of life is
                active  from under the heavens. Everything that is in the earth will expire".

Foot Note 3

Evidence in the Masoretic text as per the Codex Leningrad B 19A manuscript
as presented in Kittels Biblia Hebraica.

Ref Gen 1 vs 6 "God commanded "Let an expanse (atmosphere) come to be between the waters, and let a dividing occur between the two waters."

Ref vs 7  "Then God proceeded to create the expanse (atmosphere) causing a dividing between the waters that should be under the expanse (atmosphere) and the waters that
                 should be above the expanse (atmosphere)".

Ref vs 8   "And he called the expanse "Sky" (the atmosphere in which the birds fly see vs 20).

Manuscript: Codex Sanaticus Greek 3 - 4th Century: British museum.:

Ref 2 Peter 3 vs 5 "There used to be a Sky (Heavens or atmosphere) and a earth of old which stood out of water and in the middle of water suspended".

Ref 2 Peter 3 vs 6 "By means of this (suspended water) the inhabited world of that time was destroyed by being deluged with water".

Foot Note 4:

Evidence in the manuscript records from the Masoretic text as per the Codex Leningrad B 19A manuscript
as presented in Kittels Biblia Hebraica.

Ref Gen 7 vs 11 "... on this day all the springs of the vast water canopy was broken up and the windows of the heavens were opened".

Ref Gen 7 vs 12 "and the downpour upon the earth went on for forty days".

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